Rocky Mountain T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Teaching Yang style Tai Chi Chuan via the Cheng Man-Ching lineage in Boulder CO since 1977

Holiday Schedule

It's that time of the year again! We'll take a break for Thanksgiving and then again at the end of the year. Details:
* no classes the week of Thanksgiving. No class on Tue Nov 22, Thur Nov 24, and Sat Nov 26. Our normal schedule will resume on Tue Nov 29.
* no classes from Dec 20 through Jan 5. Normal schedule resumes Sat Jan 7.


Here is info about:
* Tai Chi Elements
* The next Beginning Form Class
* New Push Hands and Sword Classes

Getting Started:  You can start now with Tai Chi Elements. No experience needed and a  drop-in friendly class. Currently on Tue and/or Thur afternoons at 4:30. Starting in Jan, Elements will be on Tue afternoon at 4:30 and Thur evening at 7:30.
Students learn the Five Animal Frolics and the Form Sequences that underlie the complete tai chi form. Contact us if you're interested in joining or just drop by to join a class.

New Beginning Form Class: Our next beginning form class will be on Tue eves from 7:30 to 8:30pm. It will start on Jan 10 and run through the end of Mar.

Registration is now open:  Sign up here.

Class size is limited to 15 students and our beginning classes often fill up.  Check here for info on beginning classes or contact us for any questions. 

Push Hands and Sword: We'll also start new push hands and sword classes in mid January. If you an ongoing student and are interested in joining these classes, let us know!

First Sunday

The next First Sunday session will be on Dec 4.

The first Sunday of every month is an open practice session for students of RMTCC who know at least the First Third of the form -- at Beth and Lee's home studio in Hygiene, starting at 10:30 AM.

Contact us for more info and directions

Lee's Latest Translation Effort

I've just completed a version of Professor Cheng Manching's Treatise 11 on the sequence of progress in tai chi practice from his 13 Treatises.

You can find all my translations on the Translations page.

A Visitor to Rocky Mountain Tai Chi

Michael Byrne is on a journey across the US visiting tai chi schools and meeting practitioners. He stopped by Rocky Mountain Tai Chi and wrote about his experience.


We base our work at Rocky Mountain Tai Chi on the "practice tripod" defined by Professor Cheng: form, push hands, and sword.

We also incorporate practice of various qigong sets, fundamental drills, standing meditation, and internal work.

Students get started with Tai Chi Elements: we offer that as both a standalone class and sometimes include it in our Beginning Form classes. Tai Chi Elements teaches  a qigong set (Five Animal Frolics) and the basic Form Sequences out of which the complete Tai Chi form arises.

Following Tai Chi Elements, students take a Beginning Form class where they learn the first section of the form. These are dedicated classes running two to three months focused on teaching the first section of the form.

Once students have learned the first section, they can continue learning the rest of the form in any of our ongoing form classes. In those classes, we work individually with each student to support learning at your pace.

After learning the whole form, students continue in ongoing form to refine and deepen their understanding. With a round of refinement completed, students can choose to add push hands and/or sword practice.